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Student Simone Hornsletten documents the journey of a horse that was a focus of groundwork training during the practical component of the Löten foundation clinic in April. On this weekend, Stefan suffered with a fever and cold yet managed to bring the horse to a satisfactory stage within approximately 40-60 minutes. The horse became completely in harmony with him. It was totally relaxed, following Stefan wherever he went and was completely loose the whole way. The final result was possible because the horse came to trust and completely accept Stefan as its eyes and body and therefore the leader of the pack. As soon as a horse is relaxed mentally, then they are also relaxed in their body, says Stefan. "It is important to build this relationship first with your horse - on the ground. "I work not on the body but the horse's psyche, his mind. Other training that uses candy, coercion, pain or tricks just doesn't work - such methods are not sustainable."
Looking forward to the advanced course in Norway in 2013, Crazyhorsegirl, a foundation student put together this neat little overview of her experience at the Horseman Forsman ground course in Løten. The video covers mostly the early part of the practical program, working with horses in the round pen.
This early part of training can take a lot of running, patience and consistency but the results are worth it as horse and trainer eventually find their common groove and begin a new journey together - i.,e. harmony and a horse that follows you happily around the pasture and stables - with no need for a head stall and lead rope. That is the magic of this training. Staying the whole nine yards with your horse, working with the techniques, investing with love and boundary setting. Most of all: never giving up!

Students were excited to make their own Forsmanship movies this year. Since Stefan completed a foundation course with an enthusiastic group from Løten, Norway two more wonderful videos have been uploaded for the world to see. This first video is from Simone Hornsletten - she demonstrates some nice, relaxed and playful groundwork with her horse to keep it following without a leadrope and halter. THANK YOU SIMONE. YOUR DEDICATION IS WONDERFUL.

One week after a 6 day course in Norway this September, 14 year old Maria Klausen posted this video as a celebration of her learning. We at Horseman Forsman are delighted by Maria's ongoing enthusiasm. Here she demonstrates some beautiful ground work with a pony called Trøbbel - her mission: to build trust with the pony and to prepare it to stay calm in all environments. Maria is also seen working with a full blooded english thoroughbred owned by her friend Astri Hesseberg (also in the video working with a grey arab). Astri Hesseberg has been following Stefan's training for years. And as you can see in Maria's wonderful video documentation, the myth that thoroughbreds are flighty and nervous creatures is clearly dispelled. Here we see a horse properly trained to be relaxed, very happy - and ultimately safe to be around. Stefan's methods work for all horses from draft horses to arabs, from stallions to mares and geldings. It is nice to see Astri's dog in this video as well .. a great environment for trust between animals and humans. Which is not surprising, as Forsmanship training teaches you to understand the nature of horses. Horses are grass eaters, flight animals. Their defense is to run away. Therefore, they learn extremely quickly what is dangerous and what is not. Anything that does not kill them or cause them pain or hurt them, they will put into the ''file'' labeled: not dangerous, and just totally ignore. They are attuned to these signals, even mixed signals from a human will confuse a horse and put them into disharmony. Forsmanship training teaches people to approach their horses with the right energy and intention so a horse knows it is going to be safe and trust the owner completely. THANK YOU AGAIN MARIA FOR POSTING THIS VIDEO.
Forsmanship student Amanda Persson from Borlänge in Sweden did a foundation course certificate with Stefan in 2009. Applying the methods, consistently, since attending the 6 day ground course, have paid off. The trust and harmony she has achieved with her horse is just wonderful to see and her leadership capability is evident. This is beautiful work.
Another stunning example of Forsmanship training realised. Former student - Linda Heske - sent this update and what beautiful work she has achieved with her horse Glimt. This is what I teach and what students and their horses become,'' says Stefan. Raised and trained with Forsmanship methods ANY horse, regardless of sex, age or breed can be transformed to follow you loose without a leadrope and halter, be ridden without a headstall and reins, load itself onto a horse trailer forwards and backwards (like on this video) even lie down and have a tarp pulled over it and take a rest with you on the grass. GOOD WORK Linda. It is great to see how former students dedicate themselves to the work and their animals.
In this video, shot in Sweden in 2009, we watch Stefan Forsman with students working with a mare that had been neglected and was very nervous. These new students were undergoing a Certification Level 1 course.

In the video below, shot in Norway in 2007, Stefan works with a stallion outside of Oslo that had developed a lot of bad habits. The animal had become quite dangerous - it was ´running over´ it´s new owner, and generally unsafe to be around. We see the progression of this stallion over three days. From making a lot of noise - it was constantly trying to get the attention of mares in the stables - to calming down. Eventually, it was happy to just follow Stefan - for the very first time - without a lead rope and head stall.
Stefan deals directly with human behaviour, as well as the behaviour of animals in his training programs these days. This is imperative, he claims, if you want authentic and positive change in the relationship between you and your horse. Humans, he says, must be prepared to become aware of their own behaviours and how they affect their animals. Only then can they set the foundations for their animals to be both content and capable of doing anything that is asked of them. The sustainable, long term results of Stefan´s methodology - Forsmanship - are beautifully demonstrated in this video with an appearance by Bjørg Andreassen Hals and her horse Zantos. A former student, Andreassen is also a successful Scandinavian riding champion and teaches at her own stables outside of Oslo - Holen Ranch. While new students take to the round pen in this video as well, Stefan also talks about the value of animals in leadership and communication development.

In the following videos, students from Fetveien and Nittedal - Linda Vangsnes and Sara Lind - each demonstrate the progression of their horses after participating in Forsman’s ground work courses.
Applying Forsmanship methods and philosophy after attending a ground course with Stefan in 2008, Linda Vangsnes shows 1 year later how her horse was happy to follow her without the need of a headstall or lead rope and always at a safe distance. A veterinary assistant and a top breeder of bull terriers, Linda is currently also President of the Silverado Western Riders association in Norway.
Sara Lind, above, demonstrates the harmonious relationship that she has achieved with her horse Sharo, after two courses with Stefan in Norway during 2010.
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