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Hmm ... It didn’t take me too much time to get him relaxed, to follow me loose at a safe distance, loose without a lead rope and then for his owner - attending one of my foundation clinics for Lena Mannerheim at Gäverstad - to think about what she was doing and then to practice and practice what I do and so end a career of chasing him about. There are concerns with horses who are like this. Some people actually mistake this kind of behaviour as playful and spirited. Well, it is more likely the animal is nervous and confused, therefore unpredictable and dangerous. And it is never the fault of the horse, which is what I would like people to understand. I believe also that an animal cannot be performing to its full potential, if it doesn’t even know how to follow its owner freely yet obediently and at a safe distance on the ground. I expect my dogs to behave in the same, obedient way. So, If you are interested in working with me, I would like to show you how you can improve the relationship with your horse and have a better performing animal.
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But I will be honest with you, it is the animal I care about first and that is because they don’t have a choice. Horses that are domesticated are not with their pack - roaming free in the wild - all they have is you. So as their owner, it is your responsibility to get that relationship working properly and it is my job to help you experience this for yourself so you really learn for yourself how to do it properly. I may ask you to unlearn a few things and question what you think your horse needs. The big question is: are you ready to deal with that? The goal we are both aiming for is: to help your horse feel free yet always happy and willing to do what you want as well. So, If you think you are ready, all I can say is, it will be my pleasure to go on that journey with you and your horse.



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